“I believe there is a clear distinction between architecture and product design. Especially today, when the increased complexity of processes implies higher levels of specialization in the approach to the project. Have never set myself any limits of scale, however. Continuous variation in stimulating, to test myself with new challenges, because it requires a clear overall vision and a capacity for coordination like that of an orchestra conductor, who makes the various instruments play together in harmony. In my work there is constant cross-contamination between architecture and the design. Both spring from the interaction between the object and the human being, with the aim of improving the conditions of contemporary living. The added value the design of objects brings to architecture is attention to detail, an idea of elegance detached from passing fashions. This is how I see my Vertigo lamp designed for FontanaArte: a mini-work” of architecture, an elegant object that does not impose itself on the context, because it blends into it”.