Here where matter turns into emotion.

This is the idea that started my thinking process for this project. It is a great teaching the one from the world of the chefs that explains how natural raw matter can be transformed into something far superior: something that is able to satisfy our mind and not only our taste. Great cuisine is made also of great emotions. Since the very beginning I found a strong synergy between this image I created in my mind researching the world of the chefs and the world of architecture. This is how an architectural project deeply rooted in the world of materials and matter was born. A project where the very envelope of the building is  able to transfer a sense of emotion, surprise and discovery. The outer skin, decorated by hand by an artist following my guidance and my design, makes you wander into the world of fossils, terrestrial movement and melted metals as to remind us all that matter keeps transforming and moving. 

There is a 10 meter glazing at the right side of the main facade which attracts you to enter the building where surprisingly you find a double height and top lit atrium that you could not have envisaged from the outside.

I have chosen simple and rough materials for the interior design like raw iron and light concrete that playing one against the other create a sense of tension and calm energy. A glazed shelving at the ground floor with its wood and glass shelves makes you wander into the world of the cooking tools with all these items exposed and well displayed. You are looking at the tools of the trade, all those instruments that the human being has designed and created over the centuries to transform raw material into food of exceptional taste. 

Moving forward and turning into the staircase that is dramatically located opposite to the way you entered you have to reverse your direction of movement. It is almost as I asked you to reset yourself and start to enjoy a different experience. The staircase is wide and the steps well distributed to eliminate any sense of effort and the by contrast to the visual experience you have had so far, based on hard materials and colors, you are able to lay your hand on a warm timber handrail.

The first hint to en experience that will become more and more connected to comfortable sensations. You shall prepare your mind to fully enjoy the food that is reserved for you on the upper floor. Finally you reach the wide landing and for the first time you have a glimpse at the whole space and at the restaurant. The landing height is dramatic with the sloping ceiling connecting to the facade and the three discs dividing the restaurant area that become the element of attraction with their almost surreal dimension and stillness. The spacial symphony is played at its full with an harmonious tension of geometry and shapes.

This is a restaurant of exceptionally neat design and rigorous shapes. Geometry, order and diffused light blend together with raw materials that alternate between metal and wood. The atmosphere is relaxed and calm, the ideal space to enjoy the next step of the journey that you are about to enjoy.